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Why you should insulate your basement for the winter
August 22, 2022 at 10:00 PM
Image of a basement after insulating basement walls before winter.

Enduring the frigid Missouri winters often means choosing between sky-high heating bills or wearing an extra layer at home. Minor discomforts add up to make the winters seem even longer, such as cold feet or a drafty house during the sub-freezing nights. When you own an older home, it’s easy to get caught up trying to prioritize upgrades and repairs. Whether you’ve owned your home for a year or ten, consider adding insulating basement walls to your to-do list before the winter.

Isn’t insulating the basement ceiling enough?

Even if your basement isn’t totally completed, the basement ceiling may be. It’s one of the first steps homeowners take to keep their floors warm in the winter. However, insulating the basement ceiling is secondary to insulating basement walls.

Insulating the ceiling allows cold, damp air into the basement through the walls but prevents it from traveling into the rest of the home. You don’t have to accept that your basement will be cold all winter. Instead, you can be proactive about keeping winter outside by installing complete insulation before finishing the space.

What are the benefits of insulating basement walls?

When you insulate your basement walls, you can feel the difference in the temperature of your home, plus you’ll experience a range of benefits for the rest of the winter, including:

  • Reduced heating costs: by preventing cold from getting into your home, you can save money–potentially thousands of dollars–in heating and hot water costs.
  • Prevent stack effect: as hot air rises through your home, your basement draws in cold outdoor air. Insulating stops the draw of cold air, keeping warm air inside the house.
  • Eliminate drafts: in old homes, there may be gaps in the basement construction, letting in cold air throughout the winter. Insulating fills any spaces or gaps that hold cold air.

Not only does basement insulation make your home more comfortable through the coldest winter months, but it also does it affordably.

Should you wait until you finish your basement to insulate?

For most homeowners, finishing the basement is pretty low on the to-do list, if not at the bottom. While it increases your home’s livable space, it’s usually a lower priority than renovating a kitchen or bathroom.

Don’t wait until you have plans and a contractor to insulate your basement walls. If you do, you’ll be overpaying to heat your home and dealing with colder temperatures indoors during the winter.

Make insulating your property a top priority; it’ll save you money, keep you more comfortable in the summer and winter, and protect your home against the damages of extreme weather and moisture.

What other basement services does St. Louis Insulation offer?

When you schedule basement wall insulation for your home, it’s a great time to tackle other items on your list for either finishing or upgrading the space. We do so much more than what’s in our name, helping homeowners to tackle the unpleasant projects in their basement to increase their home value, including:

  • Debris clean-out after flooding
  • Ventilation services
  • Storage system installation
  • Sound system installation
  • Water-resistant wall framing services

Keeping out moisture and cold is essential when you’re finishing your basement. Trust your property to the expert team with St. Louis Insulation.

Schedule a call with St. Louis Insulation for professional services to insulate basement walls, attics, and more.

We built our reputation on results, providing Missouri homeowners with honest guidance and advice while delivering unparalleled quality in insulation installation and energy efficiency. Improperly installed insulation can cost you when it comes to heating and cooling your home. We do more than replace and install insulation; we’re home analysts with a fine-tuned approach to finding ways to improve the insulation of older St. Louis homes. As enthusiastic problem solvers, there’s no property that we’re unable to improve, either by removing and replacing existing insulation or adding spray foam insulation for added durability.

Get a free quote and talk with our expert team when you schedule a call for insulating basement walls.