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What to look for when hiring a local insulation company
March 17, 2022 at 7:00 AM

Have you noticed your energy bills creeping up? Do you have a drafty room or chilly basement? Are you dealing with frozen pipes, condensation, or mold? It may be time for new or upgraded insulation.

New insulation is one of the best investments you can make for your home, and often has a 100% or higher return on investment!

If you need new insulation but don’t know where to start or who to hire, here are some things to keep in mind when searching for local insulation companies.


Experienced insulation installers know that your home is a complete system, and understand how insulation and venting throughout your house contribute to a safe and comfortable environment. Seek out an experienced contractor who does insulation projects regularly. Find out how long they’ve been in business, how experienced their crew is, and if their installers are employees or subcontractors. Ask how many times they do the type of job you’re hiring for, and how often they do it. Bring up any unique architectural features in your home and ask about their experience with those features.

Product offerings

Some companies specialize in one type of insulation. Others offer several different types. If you are already certain about which type of insulation you need, then working with a company that specializes in that type of insulation can save you time, money, and result in a better installation. If you’re not sure or have a complex home that requires multiple insulation types, then working with a residential insulation contractor that understands unique homeowner concerns is the best option.

Product knowledge

Your insulation contractor should be able to readily answer any questions you have regarding the materials and processes they use. If they can’t clearly articulate the difference between products or give clear reasoning for why a certain product is best for your home, consider that a red flag.


Find out how soon they can start your project, how long they expect it to take, and what hours of the day they’ll be on site. Working with the best insulation company in town can still be a headache if there are scheduling conflicts.


When looking for any contractor, make sure they are licensed in your state and that their license is current and in good standing. Many companies will also list on their website any specialized certifications, national or state affiliations, local partnerships, etc. Any insulation company offering home energy diagnostics or energy efficiency testing should be certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Your local energy provider may have a list of preferred contractors as well.


A reputable company will have liability insurance that covers any damages or injuries while working on your home. It’s okay to ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate.


Good insulation companies will offer a warranty on their product and their installation. If any mistakes or issues with the insulation or the installation arise, they will come back and fix the issues for no additional cost. A lifetime warranty is best.


You should expect to pay between $1500 and $6000. It’s wise to get at least three estimates before hiring a contractor. HomeAdvisor has a helpful tool that estimates insulation and labor costs for your zip code. Compare any quotes to these local averages to make sure you’re not paying too much.

References and reviews

Read customer testimonials and reviews on social media, Google, Angie’s List, and any local or neighborhood sites. For any negative reviews, look to see if and how the company responded. Ask them if they have done any work in your neighborhood before, and talk to your neighbors about the experience.

Hire a professional!

While it may be tempting to do it yourself, hiring a professional has many benefits. An experienced professional will save you time and ensure the project is done correctly. We have the experience to notice any additional issues that even an experienced DIYer might miss.

At St. Louis Insulation, we have performed over 2000 home insulation projects, while maintaining an “A” rating across all review platforms. See what your neighbors are saying, and schedule a consultation today!