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What is a thermal imaging house inspection and why do I need it in St. Peters?
May 11, 2021 at 5:00 AM
Photodune thermal image of a house inspection in St. Peters, Missouri.

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging is a process in which an energy auditor uses thermography, or infrared scanning, to detect air leaking throughout homes and buildings by measuring surface temperatures. The auditors use infrared video and still cameras to see light in the heat spectrum in which humans cannot detect solely with their own eyes.

Warm and cool images from the inspection can determine where the home needs extra insulation due to air leaks. Thermal imaging inspection can also determine if the insulation has been properly installed.

Depending on which method would give the best results according to each specific building or home, thermographic inspections are done either on the interior or exterior. Interior scans, however, are the most common method of thermographic inspections as it is easier to detect loss of heat from the inside.

Homeowners would consider a thermal imaging house inspection prior to purchasing a home. No matter if the home is new or old, there can be insulation defects that can be costly to repair if left undetected for a period of time. Only certified technicians can perform accurate thermographic scans.

The benefits of a thermal imaging house inspection in St. Peters and surrounding areas

Moisture detection

Thermal imaging can identify water damage throughout the home’s walls, floors, and ceilings. Wet and dry areas around the home read different temperatures that are otherwise undetectable from visual inspections.

Plumbing leaks

Homeowners can prevent costly and major damage repairs with leak detection through thermal imaging. Water leaks can occur around plumbing fixtures throughout the home and are detected using heat anomaly scans to find the source. Thermal image house inspections for damaged plumbing address the issues quickly and save hired plumbers a ton of time.

Pests and insect damage

Many homes throughout Missouri and the country have active pest and insect activity not visible to the naked eye. Many homeowners go years not knowing that pests are destroying parts of their homes. With thermal imaging, technicians can detect inspect activity through the heat that they produce.

Energy waste

Since thermal imaging inspections can detect where a home loses hot or cold air, it can be a great tool to help you save money on energy bills. Air leaks cause homeowners hundreds of dollars to be wasted each year. With the help of thermal imaging, homeowners can find where the leaks are so they can take the next steps to correct them and improve energy efficiency.

Roof leaks

Thermal inspections can also detect the precise location of roof leaks before significant damage is done. Homeowners can put off the cost of a whole new roof by extending the life of their current one if a leak occurs.

Electrical problems

Thermal imaging using infrared technology can find hot spots in electrical areas that are caused by defects in connections and components. Allowing some hot spots can cause damage from excess heat, potentially increasing safety hazards throughout a home. Thermal imaging can detect hot spots before significant damage occurs.

Preparing for a thermal imaging house inspection

Residents in St. Peters and surrounding areas in Missouri can prepare for our thermal imaging house inspection by following some steps to ensure accurate results. You may need to move any furniture or drapes along exterior walls out of the way to ensure the thermal imaging scan reads an accurate temperature.

You may need to make additional preparations by maintaining a specific temperature in your home for a period of time by either running the air conditioner or central heat. Be sure to reach out to the auditor about any other steps in the preparation process.

St. Louis Insulation has three dispatch locations throughout greater St. Louis, including Edwardsville and St. Peters. We provide quality, prompt, and professional services to homeowners and ensure that you are satisfied. Contact us to learn more about our thermal imaging house inspection.