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3 Things to Consider When Soundproofing Walls in Edwardsville, MO
April 13, 2021 at 4:00 AM

If you can’t take any more of hearing all that’s going on in your neighbor’s home or in a different part of your house, soundproofing is a solution you’re probably thinking about.

Or perhaps you want to keep sound from escaping certain parts of your house for some added privacy. Either way, there are some not-so-obvious things you should remember before you go any further.

Soundproofing is one of our services here at St. Louis Insulation, and we’ve seen what those considering this solution often fail to realize. By keeping these three factors in mind, you’ll have a better chance of achieving the peace and quiet you’re looking for.

1. There are several materials to choose from

While you’ll find many suggestions for soundproofing walls in your Edwardsville, MO that are ineffective, as we’ll cover below, the legitimate options present you with plenty of choices.

Some of the materials you can choose include:

  • Acoustic foam
  • Sound-absorbing foam
  • Acoustic panels
  • Acoustic curtains
  • Fiberglass
  • Mineral wool

They don’t all have the same effectiveness, but careful installation from a professional can allow each of them to block out much of the sound passing through your walls.

And each carries its own advantages. Acoustic panels, for example, are a good option if you want a soundproofing material that can be made to look like a decoration.

And acoustic curtains are an ideal option if much of the noise entering your home is coming in through openings in the windows and doors.

Depending on your situation, combining different materials may be particularly helpful.

2. The right soundproofing solution depends on the type of noise

As varied as the options for materials are, you’ll have to bear in mind that the right choice and method of application is determined by the type of noise you’re dealing with.

Some types can be described as airborne, such as muffled conversation or a distant noise from the TV or music that’s playing. Other types are the result of impact, and these include footsteps, doors being slammed shut, or bass from music.

3. Common DIY “solutions” are usually ineffective

Supposing you’ve asked around about what you can do, you’ve likely heard all sorts of things you can do by yourself. While some might help a little, most of them are unlikely to make a noticeable difference.

For example, it’s a popular myth that filling the wall with egg cartons gets rid of noise. In reality, this achieves no effect at all when measuring with a decibel meter or simply by ear.

You may also have been advised to load the wall with vinyl. This may result in a 3dB to 6dB change at best, which is completely negligible. For context, a normal conversation registers 60dB.

Other often recommended fixes include adding an extra layer of drywall and applying foam as a barrier, both of which will only reduce noise levels by 2dB at the very highest.

So remember: just because some suggestions you’ll hear make reference to materials used by professionals, don’t take it as fact that they’ll help. Much of the effectiveness of soundproofing materials lies in how they’re applied.

And it’s also essential that the material chosen suits the wall and is effective against the particular sound you’re trying to block out.

Finally enjoy peace and quiet by soundproofing the walls in your Edwardsville, MO home

Whether you’d had enough of the neighbors’ endless noise, you have a musician in the house who’s constantly practicing, or you have a private but noisy hobby, soundproofing your walls is the solution. St. Louis Insulators can help, and we have the expertise to identify the right materials and apply them for maximum effectiveness.

Book an appointment today to take the first step toward finally enjoying some silence.