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Beginner’s guide to thermal imaging services in St. Louis
November 4, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Beginner’s guide to thermal imaging services in St. Louis

Whether it’s your home or office, your heating and cooling bills depend a lot on the building’s ability to maintain temperature. It’s not unusual for there to be cracks or openings that let too much air escape and make it difficult to maintain a consistent environment. With help from thermal imaging services from St. Louis Insulation, you can quickly identify areas of your home that aren’t holding a temperature balance. If you’re not familiar with it, you can learn more about thermal imaging and the process by reading our short guide below.

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging uses infrared cameras to create images of heat distribution in a specific area. These cameras allow us to see where heat is (or isn’t) by using color-coded imaging in real-time. You can easily see where heat is being released from either living things or inanimate objects in small amounts.

How does it work?

To understand how thermal imaging works, we have to go a little bit into the light spectrum. There’s a certain range of frequencies on the spectrum that are considered visible light. These frequencies are energy that we see as colors from red through violet. Now, think about the terms ultraviolet and infrared as they fit on the spectrum. Ultraviolet is energy beyond violet on the spectrum while infrared is below red. Using infrared cameras, we can identify these energy frequencies to create thermal images that help us to understand how energy is released from people, animals, plants, and other objects.

What is thermal imaging used for?

There are a number of practical applications for thermal imaging that can provide information. The US military has used thermal imaging in combat for decades as it’s an effective way to identify combatants at night or other times when visibility is low. When it comes to improving your home’s ability to keep a regulated temperature, thermal imaging services make for a quick and easy inspection.

How can my home benefit from a thermal image inspection?

We’ve established that thermal imaging captures energy frequencies that are below the visible light spectrum. To expand on this we should also establish that energy is heat. This means that thermal imaging is specifically identifying how heat is released from a living thing or inanimate object.

As far as thermal imaging for your home goes, we can more easily identify areas where your home is having issues with heat escaping from your house or where it’s most concentrated. This makes it easier for our team to address double areas in your home where the insulation might need to be addressed. We can also reseal necessary sealing areas that have weak or broken seals to help trap air in your home.

Get in touch for thermal imaging services

Whether you’re worried about the ability of your home to contain hot or cold air or you simply want an inspection, ask about our thermal imaging services in St. Louis. Our team at St. Louis Insulation is trained in how to use thermal imaging technology as well as provide you with useful feedback regarding the information that we obtain. You can feel confident that we’ll offer you reasonable and affordable solutions to any of the problems we find during your thermal imaging service.

Schedule your thermal imaging services today by calling 314-334-0153. You can also send an email directly to We look forward to hearing from you and helping you improve the energy efficiency in your home.