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How air sealing services can save your business on energy costs
December 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How air sealing services can save your business on energy costs

Finding ways to cut down on expenses and maximize profits is part of running a business. One area you might not often consider too deeply is how much you’re paying to heat and cool your business. Your HVAC system often runs in the background without a second thought of its efficiency or lack thereof. With help from air sealing services, you can cut down your utility bills, improve the efficacy of your HVAC system, and help your business in other ways. For those who haven’t considered air sealing, our team at St. Louis Insulation has a few ways that you can save on energy costs.

Reduce air leaks

Air leaks are one of the main causes for energy bills to be unnecessarily high. While a small air leak might not seem like a big deal, it’s similar in severity to a leaky water faucet. A little bit of air that’s escaping through your windows and doors isn’t going to harm anything. You’ll find that the more your HVAC system runs, the faster the conditioned air in your business will be pushed through those tiny leaks. Your HVAC system increases pressure in the room, so the way air escapes is similar to cutting a slit in a bag of water then squeezing it to get the water to flow out faster. Air leaks can be a costly and counterproductive problem that air sealing can help resolve.

Improve indoor air quality

The air quality in your building is an important part of ensuring that your employees and customers stay healthy. Poor air quality can lead to your employees taking more sick days and customers not returning after a single visit. Air sealing can help to improve the air quality in your building as you’re not letting in dust, pollen, pollution, and other particles that can exacerbate asthma and allergies.

The problems you have with air quality in your building can often be resolved with help from an air filter. However, it will save you a significant amount of money paying for air sealing over purchasing an air filter. Consider that an air filter is going to increase your energy bills as it runs, and you’ll also need to pay to replace the filter periodically. Rather than buying another appliance for your business, seal the trouble areas you have with airflow to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Better insulation

Poor insulation makes it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in a building. Houses can have this problem, but often on a much smaller scale as most businesses have more square footage to maintain than a house. Not all office buildings are packed tight with insulation as it’s much more cost-effective to use materials like cinder blocks than wood and drywall. Air sealing will help to create tighter seals so your business can stay warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer. Improved climate control from better insulation is a great way to attract customers as it gives them a chance to get out of the elements and feel more comfortable.

Reach out to schedule a consultation

Don’t continue to pay out higher energy bills each month. Get in touch with us at St. Louis Insulation to learn more about air sealing services. We can help improve your HVAC system’s efficiency so you don’t continue to overpay to maintain a comfortable environment in your business’ location. Schedule a consultation today by calling 314-334-0153 or sending an email to We’re happy to come by and give an estimate for air sealing services at your business.