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4 Reasons to Replace Spray Foam Insulation in St. Louis
May 20, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Crawl space insulation that has just been replaced.

When you chose to install spray foam insulation in St. Louis over rigid foam and other types, it’s the durability that might have swayed you.

Long-lasting though it is, spray foam insulation does get damaged after certain events or simply with time. When this happens, your comfort is affected and your bills get significantly higher.

Sometimes, like other St. Louis homeowners, you go months without noticing.

Make sure there’s no discomfort you’ve just gotten used to or utility bills that are rising sharply without you seeing.

If these four reasons apply to you, chances are high you need to replace your spray foam insulation.

Higher heating and cooling bills

Heating and cooling most likely make up the largest part of your utility bills each month. And it’s common for homeowners to simply pay the bill without too much scrutiny, especially if an increase isn’t alarming.

The issue, however, is that the increase in utility bills from damaged insulation doesn’t come all at once. As the damage increases, seemingly minor charges also creep up. You may only understand the full scale of the increase when comparing bills from, say, the last three years and those you receive today.

You will see, after replacing your spray foam insulation, that your bills will plummet to some of their lowest points before they steadily rose.

Drafty rooms

Drafts are a clear sign that there’s air leakage. Air from outside might be getting in through gaps in windows, thermal bridges in walls, and doorways.

This is almost certainly a case of damaged insulation, but you can make sure by seeing where the draught is strongest. That’s the part where the damage is most severe.

Naturally, you might have been turning your thermostat up higher than needed to avoid the drafts’ chilling effect. Of course, this just adds to the bills.

Immediately after replacing the spray foam insulation in your St. Louis home, you will no longer notice any drafts.

Recent trouble with a leaky roof

If you’ve just had a leaky roof repaired not too long ago, there’s high potential that your spray foam insulation suffered water damage.

While one of the strengths of this type is that it’s relatively resistant to moisture, the amounts associated with a leaking roof cause extensive damage, especially in the attic.

Even if you got the leaky roof fixed months ago, there’s still a chance that your insulation was affected.

After just a few days, mold may also develop. Quick replacement makes this all something you don’t have to worry about, though.

Pest infestations

Recent problems with pests also spell bad news for your home’s insulation. Different kinds chew through your insulation to make room for themselves. However, the more space they create, the more they can also breed.

That is why, even after you’ve had pest control take care of the issue, you might find that later infestations get more serious and start sooner.

All the while, the discomfort of damaged insulation continues, and your utility bills increase.

After replacement, pest infestations are less likely. Your newly installed insulation faces fewer threats and you have one less big household issue.

Replace your spray foam insulation in St. Louis for increased energy efficiency, lower bills, and greater comfort

Since St. Louis Insulation (that’s us), started serving homeowners in 2010, we have completed over 2,000 projects. Each demonstrates our values of exceptional and dependable work and the utmost courtesy to our customers. We are proud to have this reflected in our consistent A ratings across all review platforms.

If any of the five reasons you’ve read sound familiar, rely on us to replace your spray foam insulation to the finest standards. Book an appointment today.