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3 reasons your business needs a thermal imaging building inspection in Edwardsville, MO
June 10, 2021 at 7:00 AM
3 reasons your business needs a thermal imaging building inspection in Edwardsville, MO

If your business operates out of an old building or you simply feel like your electric bill is running high, there’s a possibility that you have old insulation that needs to be replaced. However, many big office buildings can be expensive to completely reinstall your insulation in. So, how do you identify the trouble areas to save on insulation installation? A thermal imaging building inspection in Edwardsville, MO is what you need. At St. Louis Insulation, we can perform this inspection to find areas that need help. Keep reading for three ways your business can benefit from such an inspection.

Identify thermal levels

When you have a thermal imaging inspection done in your building, you can see exactly where heat is accumulating or being lost. Whether heat is gathering in specific areas because of the layout of the building or because there’s an air leak in your walls or ceiling. Thermal imaging will show you exactly what’s happening with the heat in your building and make it easy to properly identify areas that need attention. This attention can come in the form of new insulation or medications to the architecture of the room or building.

Find problems with your roof

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your building. Yes, you need a foundation and walls to hold up your roof, but it’s crucial your roof is functioning to keep the elements out. A leaky roof will put your entire building at risk of the potential for extreme water damage. While a leak might start as a few drips here and there, it will accumulate more and more moisture in the future and eventually turn into a steady flow of water and break through the roof. You can identify problems with your roof by looking at the thermal signatures on the roof and seeing where the temperature is inconsistent with the rest. This will show where cold air is escaping or warm air is having more of an impact on the temperature of the roof.

Pinpoint energy usage issues

One of the first signs that you have insulation issues is an increase in your electric bill. You could be wasting energy with subpar insulation so your building doesn't stay as cold as you’d like in the summer or the opposite during the winter. A thermal imaging building inspection can identify exact locations where you could be losing air from inside your building. When you know the trouble areas of your building are, you can mitigate the problem by having new insulation installed or use simple air sealing techniques to fix smaller issues.

Bonus: get advice on air sealing

Letting your conditioned air out can be truly awful for your bill. With the positive pressure formed by your air conditioner or heater, the air inside your building will naturally be pushed outside. Air sealing will fill the gaps where the air is escaping with expanding foam insulation. This will slow air leakage and keep the air you want inside where you want it to be.

Schedule a consultation

Reach out to our team today to schedule your thermal imaging building inspection in Edwardsville, MO. Our experts can perform this inspection to ensure that you identify all the trouble areas you might be dealing with. Give us a call at 314-334-0153 to schedule a consultation. The team at St. Louis Insulation will help you find where you can improve your building’s efficiency to save you on electricity.