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3 reasons you need soundproofing for your ceiling in St. Peters, MO
July 21, 2021 at 7:00 AM
3 reasons you need soundproofing for your ceiling in St. Peters, MO

Whether you live in a two-story house, near an airport, or simply a loud part of town, you can benefit from soundproofing your ceiling. If this isn’t something you’ve ever thought about, it’s a great way to reduce the outside noise that comes into your home or allows those who hang out in the basement or on the main level of your house some peace and quiet while others are running around upstairs. At St. Louis Insulation, we can help by soundproofing ceilings in St. Peters, MO. If you’re unsure about the benefits outweighing the costs, we have three reasons why you’ll love it to get you started.

More comfort

No matter how low-key you live your life, there are sometimes that there will just be noises in your home. A soundproof ceiling makes it easier to have your date night at home as you can watch your favorite movies without worrying about waking up the kids. You can also let the kids run around upstairs and out of your way without it sounding like they’re going to bust through the ceiling. Your home life will be generally more comfortable as you won’t have to worry about loud sounds coming through the ceiling and floors of your home and disturbing people in other rooms.

Better quality of life

Loud noises in the home are extremely frustrating when you’re trying to sleep and even while you go about your day. It’s not uncommon for noises to keep you up at night and interrupt your sleep. You shouldn’t have to sleep with a noise machine turned up to 11 or with earplugs in your ears. Neither of these solutions is safe as they could impede your ability to hear a smoke alarm at night while you sleep. Get a better night’s sleep and enjoy some quiet during the day with a soundproof ceiling.

Avoidance of hearing problems

One of the last things we want in life is to lose our hearing. If there’s a lot of noise penetrating the roof and ceiling of our homes, this can happen prematurely. Hearing problems can come in many forms including, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or sensorineural hearing loss.

Tinnitus is an extreme irritant that will come and go if you experience it. The condition produces an inner ear ringing that is only audible to the person experiencing it and no one else around them can hear it.

Sensorineural hearing loss is when the nerves and hair cells in your inner ear aren’t as functional as they once were. This will essentially create a shift in your hearing capacity. This is a common side effect of being around loud noises over the course of many years. Soundproofing your ceiling can help avoid these hearing problems.

Reach out to learn more

If you’d like to learn more about soundproofing ceilings in St. Peters, MO, and how you can benefit, get in touch with our team at St. Louis Insulation. We’re experts in insulation and noise reduction strategies. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll come to your home and show you what we can do to soundproof your ceiling. Give us a call at 314-334-0153 or send an email at We look forward to hearing from you and talking to you about your next project.