Consumer Energy Rebate Programs

So we know that going green is good for the planet but did you know that it can be good for your pocket book too? Local utility companies have teamed up with the federal government to offer home owners valuable rebate programs and tax incentives deigned to help offset the costs associated with making your home more energy efficient. Thanks to these programs, you now have the ability to make your home more comfortable & reduce your overall heating & cooling costs. 

Did you know that the attic is often where we find the biggest air leaks in your home. These leaks can cause your heating &cooling system to work harder and make your home feel sticky during the summer or cold & drafty during the winter.Whether you're warm or cold, air leaks are the main cause of energy inefficiency and can lead to an unnecessary increase in your homes' energy bill. 

Saint Louis Insulation can help by identifying those problem areas & make common sense recommendations towards reducing your home's energy consumption. The best way to get started is with a Home Performance Test (Energy Audit). This program is designed for customers that are looking to get down to the root cause of their comfort & high energy bill concerns.

Sometimes, it literally pays to invest in the energy efficiency of your home. Our company will work hard to maximize your energy rebates so that you can capitalize on the specific rebate programs in your area. This gives you the ability to help offset the costs associated with upgrading your home's insulation and in many cases can lead to to little or no out of pocket costs to you the home owner.

  Saint Louis Insulation AIr Leakage

How Can an Energy Audit Save You Money? 

An energy audit is usually the fist step towards reducing your home's energy consumption. Most utility companies require the data from these evaluations prior to issuing rebates and the information gathered during the processes can be vital to your insulation return on investment.Leaky windows and doors don’t just make your home drafty--they will also make your energy bill higher. Most air leaks are easy to detect, but ones that are out of sight can be sucking the heating and cooling out of your house and the dollars out of your wallet.

A professional energy audit from Saint Louis Insulation will identify your home’s vulnerabilities and outline the major areas of concern. Standard energy audits are usually priced under $500 dollars and in most cases will be provided free of charge if you purchase home insulation services from Saint Louis Insulation. To get started you can check for air infiltration around windows, doors and electrical outlets. You can even purchase Do It Yourself kits that will help you fill those areas. Some things are not going to be easily visible to the naked eye and you aren't going to be able to see or correct them without the proper tools & experience. 

That's where Saint Louis Insulation comes into the picture. With skyrocketing energy prices, homeowners are looking for ways to save money anyway they can. Many homeowners will take measures on their own like caulking windows, adding insulation and filling-in leaky gaps, but energy audits can identify energy leaks that aren't so obvious or easy to find. Fixing these hidden leaks can not only save you up to 30% on your heating and cooling costs each year, but can also help save on the on the potential expense of fixing things that don’t solve your energy loss problem.

Energy audits take all the guess work out of identifying your problem areas. Many of our customers have started doing things on their own to make their home more energy efficient by investing money on new thermal windows or heating and AC equipment but it doesn't always solve the problem. You can easily spend $15,000 on new windows and $10,000 on new heating and cooling equipment but there is no guarantee that you will address and fix the areas where you home is the most vulnerable. Doing major repairs to your home without an energy audit is like fixing your car without getting it diagnosed. You just wouldn't randomly replace parts of your car without knowing those parts are faulty and you should never try to make your home more energy efficient without having an energy audit done first. 

What Does an Energy Audit Entail? 

Not all home energy auditors are created equally & it's important for you to choose an auditor that will be thorough and honest about their findings. The auditor will engages in a series of tests to check for air leakage throughout your home. During the audit special equipment will also be used. This equipment includes a blower door that will put the home under negative pressure, an infrared camera that will show surface heat variation and a duct blower that will help us quantify the amount of air loss through the duct work in your home. 

A Home energy audit can take two to four hours depending on the size of the home. Once the audit is complete, the homeowner will be provided with a detailed report identifying the air leakage points in the home, along with recommendations on what should be fixed and in what order. The homeowner then has the option to then have St. Louis Insulation fix the issues. use another contractor, fix it themselves, or ignore the problems altogether. No mater what method you choose, the important thing to remember is that you the data needed to reduce your energy bills, make your home more energy efficient and become a more educated home owner. 



**Saint Louis Insulation does not state or imply that each and every insulation job will qualify for a tax credit or rebate. We do not warrant or guarantee a tax benefit will be awarded for each and every addition of insulation. Eligibility may vary by jurisdiction. Please carefully consult the Internal Revenue Service ( guidelines on how to qualify for the energy efficiency tax credit. We are not accountant nor do we provide professional tax counseling services.